Video Marketing Spotlight!

Our products feature the best of online, offline and direct marketing practices !

Captive Engagment

All products fuse video with print & interactive control elements to keep you fully engaged.

Best Branding

Highest brand recognition with prominent branding on video and print elements.

Hassle Free

No buffering, frame rate, downloading or bandwidth related problems.

Premium Feel

Highly qaulity print cover ensure feeling of class, value and ownership


5x more direct personalised sharing with colleagues, friends and same interest group circles.


Captive video presentations lead to more leads, conversions, and high ROI.

Who is using Video Marketing?

Everybody company is! See some awesome stats below.!


marketers are using video already to promote their brands


marketers find video marketing useful


B2B companies plan to use more videos to promote sales


of all online traffic searched is related to videos


business executive watch work related videos everyday

5088- 5088%

increased click-through rate when Video is added in email

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