Marketing Budgets!

See some vital stats below!

50- 100%

of annual gross revenues goes to marketing budgets (new Co.’s)


of annual gross revenue (most companies)

10-20- 100%

of annual gross revenues goes to marketing budgets (older Co.’s)

How to plan your budget spending!

Follow these simple steps to get the best out a upcoming marketing promotion!

Step 1

Plan to use all previous successful strategies for online, offline and direct marketing campaigns.

Step 2

Split budget: 35% for online marketing, 20% for offline marketing and 45% for direct video marketing promotions.

Step 3

For direct video marketing identify the number of people with the best potential to become future customers.

Step 4

Shortlist a few of our video marketing products that can fullfils covering price and target customer base.

Step 5

If target customer group has premium customers, split order to accomodate small quantity of premium products.

Step 6

Finally, identify a proper mode of direct delivery and aim to ensure a sustained distribution over promotion period.

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